Service Projects Guide to Biarritz & San Sebastian

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At Service Projects, we love the thrill of discovering new cities around the world. Whether it's the eclectic energy of Tokyo or the historic charm of Paris, we relish the opportunity to immerse ourselves in different cultures and explore their unique offerings. From local cuisine to hidden gems, we believe that every city has something special to offer. While many metropolitan cities may have countless places to explore, we firmly believe that a few carefully selected recommendations can make all the difference to the intrepid traveler. That's why we've created this guide - to share our curated selection of coffee spots, restaurants, hotels and unique offerings from each city to share with you.

If you're seeking the perfect blend of Southern French and Spanish Basque cultures, look no further than Biarritz and San Sebastian. These neighboring cities offer stunning beaches, great restaurants, and a laid-back atmosphere. The proximity of these destinations makes it easy to explore both in one trip.


Cheri Bibi - This modern restaurant serves a delightful selection of small dishes meant for sharing, perfectly paired with natural wines.
De Puta Madre - The restaurant at Villa Magnan offers a wonderful menu in a beautiful setting.
Bar Jean - Enjoy a fantastic time at this classic establishment located in the heart of Biarritz.

Etxola Bibi - provides a beautiful setting to enjoy a drink with one of the best sunset views.
Mood Café - A great coffee spot conveniently located near Cote De Basques.

Stay at Villa Magnan - Probably the most beautiful hotel in Biarritz, offering a magnificent backdrop for your stay.

Don't miss the opportunity to go for a run along the scenic Cote De Basques. It's a run you won't forget

San Sebastian:

In San Sebastian's old town, explore the winding streets with an appetite, stopping at as many pintxo places as you can handle. Here are a few renowned options to start:
Start your day with breakfast at Bideluze
Bar Sport 
La Txuleteria del Iraeta - Don't miss their grilled meats; they are a must-try.
Gerald's Bar 
Treat yourself to a cheesecake at La Vina.
Casa Urola

Again, the opportunity to go for a run along the coastline is fantastic. It's probaly also a good idea with all the Pintxo.

Biarritz and San Sebastian are conveniently close to each other, allowing for easy transportation between the two cities. Travel options include trains and buses, and the journey treats you along the Basque coastline.

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